Which includes, CB (Comhrac Bas), VDA, Spanish Circle, Combat JKD,etc


Hello and welcome. Bonjour et bienvieue. Hola y bienvendios. Swadiikrahp, mybpenraikrahp!!! Konnichiwa. Hall und herzlich wilkomen. Salvete. Apa kabar.

This is the Comhrac Bas International Discussion forumn: a defense and fighting method owing its lineage to the ZENITH of armed & unarmed combat: The Roman Harena. The mission of this board is to edify & acquaint the tyro with the Occidental Fighting Arts--these are unknown to most "Martial Artists" who think only of the Oriental Methods. The Occidental Fighting Arts have a long unique history containing more technological advancement than other arts.
This forum will concern intself with all of Occidental Fighting: For example, we readily embrace those who practice Renaissance Fighting Arts (Cut & Thrust Sword and Rapier, blade methods along with the unarmed methods, etc.). We welcome all of the desirous--we start our focue on the Roman LUDI (Gladiator, Pugnator {striker} et Luctator {grappler} training school), and move on to La Escuela de Espada y Daga (the Spanish were the greatest swordsmen for 200 years, influencing all they conquered with their geometrical fighting methods), and, even, the methods of Jim Bowie and the Arkansas Toothpcik (the early 1800's had New Orleans as the seat of fighting in the New World: the methods French & Italian, dervied from the Spanish methods--including grappling--Combat de la rue was the foreruner to Savate which is the forerunner of the SPORT FIGHTING La Boxe Francaise (the terms Savate & La Boxe Francaise aren't interchangable) this is truly the only single place to meet and discuss these topics--including mind technologies, weight training and whole body training (there's alot of confusion out there on these topics, too).

Also, because this is an INTERNATIONAL FORUMN I welcome anyone who wishes to post in French, Spanish, Italian, or German (as I can handle those languages--maybe later I will translate this whole page into each language). I can also handle the Romanized transcriptions of Thai and Japanese, if you would like.

Vous pouvez ecrire en francais, s'il vous plait. Uds. pueden escribir en Espanol si quiren hacerlo. Sie koenen in Deutsch schreiben, wenn Sie moechten und uns wissen lassen, was Sie denken oder welche Fragen Sie haben oder ob Sie Meinungen aussern wollen. Io spero che loro scrivano in Italiano.

The methods of Comhrac Bas are not limited (we use all striking & grappling techniques and other techiques that escape a closed defintion, along with Neuro Linguistic Programming, Feldenkrasis, Bulgarian & Soviet Mental/Phsycial Enahcnement, Visual Tracking Skills, and all current Mind Technology and Learning Theories for accelerated learning)--thus this board will not be limited to one thing.

My objective is to operate as a facilitator, not handing out the answers nor giving away loads of free information, but to help all those who are studying Comhrac Bas, Blade techniques, or other Self-Defense methods of any Occidnetal Art and those who wish to further their education by learning the difference between Oriental and Occidnetal methods--I think that a good example of this is in blade work--and those who have ACTUALLY used these techniques or others in REALITY (this is a not a SPORT FIGHTING METHOD--which, to put it mildly, is a whole new mind-set for most). We don't spend our time doing impressive clinic moves & proving our manhood within inconsquential training hall matches.

I would rather that you use this FORUMN to discover and reflect upon what you have REALY DONE or TRIED TO DO. Slow motion dissection of real time techniques is sophmoric, at best. Devising counters to moves that you have never seen before and would not recover from the first time you encounter them--shows the banality of a catch-up mentality. There was no room for learning from mistakes in the Harena (that's Latin)--much like today's USA inner city. Pleading to the referee, politics, going home and working on it later, pereparing for the opponent the next time--it didn't happen. No, death was the only answer to a mistake and we activley choose LIFE and not Death. Think about it: sport fighting is for sportsmen; self-defense is for survival. Here is where you can choose for yourself what you will become. Don't let ignorance limit you. Train hard. VALVETE--primus dux bellorum Comhrac Bas.