and FIGHTING and why they are so important (and then learn what you can do with

these power facts)?

Hello combatives/self defense/street fighting student.

My name is Christophe Clugston and I ¥ve been in the World Wide Lead of Real World Self Defense Technologies for 14 years. And those of you who know anything about me, know that I have an insaitable craving for knowledge, research, technology and the power that comes with it.

If you are even anything remotely like me, you have more than a little curiorsity about these power facts. Frankly, it took me a long time to discover them. Man, I can¥t count the nights I could have saved some sleep by knowing this info. I¥ve made it a habit to look for real information anywhere I could find it. I went to all of the normal sources and even to some of the ®fringe® sources. I¥ll try anything if it will give me that insider advantage. And I can tell you for certain once you know these facts AND WHAT TO DO WITH THEM you will accelerate your ability: it might sound a little silly but you¥ll be a cheetah compared to the typical martial arts turtle.

OK, if you¥re ready, let¥s get down to it.



Yeah, there I said it and let me tell you I already pissed off a few people. But hey,
Let me ask you a very important question....

Why do typical martial artists think that complicated techniques are the best self defense?

Because not 1 in 1,000 of them has a clue how important the real answer is (don¥t worry, I¥ll tell you later).
And I am going to explain why.
You see, they¥re basically teaching whatever their instructor has been handed down from the previous instructor (a dangerous cycle from generation to generation). They don¥t innovate, they don¥t test, they don¥t re-evaluate.

They are STUCK on tradition and complicated movements.
Just take a look at how many systems teach high kicking, complicated wrist twists, hard to hit pressure points and other techniques that just don¥t work in the REALITY OF BRUTAL VICIOUS ATTACKS.

I¥ll give you another example: the number of defenses for the same or similar attacks is OUT OF CONTROL. Just another example of BAD THINKING: there are just too many would be solutions for a normal sane person to wire in and use successfully.

You see they¥re confused--they¥re blinded by all of the things they THINK they must learn and it¥s all wrong. And I¥m about to tell you what not 1 in 1,000 of the martial arts has a clue about.



Well I hope you are ready to hear it the WAY IT REALLY IS. You better sit down while I tell you a few things: 1) There is no Santa Claus (so quit waiting up late night on Xmas Eve) 2) If you want to possess real self defense that will work, you will have to encounter things far outside your comfort zone.

You see, training in the same old safe, well lit, obstruction free, heated, indoor training hall ®is® the comfort zone. And it is just plain wrong. It makes you WEAK. Yeah that¥s right--it makes you weak. You start to think that you are capable of handling situations they you have no REAL idea about. Let me explain that by way of an example: Imagine a first year medical student thinking after all of his biology, chemistry, kinesology classes he can handle the ER room in the middle of Down Town Detroit. Afterall he¥s got all of the good and even great theories that others have handed down to him. But hey, guess what--those theories didn¥t give him one bit of the REALITY of what he needs for that ER room.


POWER FACT 3: Without taking the Emotional Content of a fight into account, effective

street/jungle/urban self defense cannot be accomplished.

Now I know that some people like to talk about Adrenalin Rush or Adrenalin Dump--but it actually is far more complicated than that (a few of the devasting effects of the increased nor adrenal/adrenal flooding the body in self defense situations are tunnel vision, auditory distortion, loss of fine motor coordination, body shakes, limited cognitive thinking ability, glycogen depletion, capillary constriction, increased respiortory rate, etc.).
But I¥m sure you don¥t want a lecture on bio-physiology--and really you don¥t need it. The good thing to know is that there is an answer to all of these complex reactions occurring in your body. You see it is far more common to FAIL than succeed when you are put under stress, fear, and the unknown.
So how in the hell do you win in this situation?

This is razor-edge technology, training and fighting philosophy that takes real fighting to an unparalleled level. No guesswork here. This is easy stuff to learn. To become safe on the street where fighting is terribly real.
- Bruce Bonnell from Barrie, Ontario, Canada


As with all information it is only really worth something if it can become a technology...a tool. Something that will make your life easier, something that will solve your problem.
And I am going to tell you exactly what these power facts mean in real world self defense technologies. Pay attention I am about to let out a lot of COLD HARD REALITIES--these are literally the facts inside of the facts--believe me others have wanted to steal these for years--it¥s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to my competitors (the ones with the fancy ad writers), if they can figure out how to put it all together.

*To be effective, each technology must be simple, direct and not require fine motor coordination.

*Technologies must sequence and intermesh. (You¥ll know exactly what I am talking about at the seminar and you will do it!)

*Technologies must work against a variety of attacks.

*The technologies must be easy to practice and use.

*Technologies must work for various body types and athletic skills. (What works for a professional fighter is not very applicable for a housewife who needs self survival skills, now is it?)

*Kinetic Energy must be used. (You will learn how to harness this mega source you already have.)

*Technologies must be able to function in various envrionments.

*Low light and lack of space must be factored into technologies. (And we have the best for both problems.)

*Technologies must be lodged in the Reptillian Mind to be effective.

*Technologies must work on varying body types of attackers. (Not so great to have something that only works for tall and skinny attackers or something that works only against midgets, is it?)

*Agility is more important than coordination. (You¥ll know exactly why after you¥ve been in the seminar.)
Wow, wait--that¥s a huge amount of information right there.

Yeah, you¥re right. But, believe me, there¥s a lot more --I just handed out a great deal of the ®magic blueprint® that others have been dying to get their hands for years. (Insider¥s hint: There are more people than you can imagine who want to tap into the power of Comhrac Bas.)

Christophe's material was very straight forward no nonsense and I really appreciated his honestly about fighting....î
- Chris Herzog, Judo, Jiu-jitsu and Sambo Instructor, Buffalo N. Y.



Let me explain exactly how you are going to benefit from my misery (or miseries). For years my only objective was to simplify my self defense technologies. I knew that only the most basic, direct and simple technologies would really work on the street/urban/jungle, when the CRUNCH was on. I spent years looking for a better way. This search brought me to seminars, special university classes, learning several languages so I could travel to learn, training with loads of famous instructors, reading tons of research, watching video after video, and I put myself where it would count: fighting in the ring, bouncing in slug fest bars, in the Army, and body guarding. I picked up a technique here and there through my research. I found faster, simpler, more direct ways to utilize the technologies that I already had. Step by step I evolved. I took the best of the professional fighting and the best of my research into mind and phsyical enhancement and formulated a blue printt. Step by step I even advanced on the Deep Combat JKD of Mike Sanlin (the most devastating Street Fighter that I¥ve ever known). And then it was crystal clear....


Just like that First Year Med Student needs to spend time in reality to become a doctor--you need the experience of HARD CORE REALITY before you can be certain what you works or doesn¥t. Because without it--not one book you read, not one video you see and none of the high priced ®famous over paid 20K a day® trainers are going to mean anything.You will never have the confidence and the absolute certainty that you will have after one HARD CORE REALITY session.
Let me tell you...

That¥s right I am going to RUSH ADVANCE your learning curve with the help of a special training device called the H.T.R. (if you wanted to get one for yourself it¥d cost you over $1,000 and then you¥d have to find someone who knows what the hell to do with it). By the way, I¥ve got two of these special training devices. There is simply no way to out perform what I will be downloading into you.

I'm going to put you outside of your Comfort Zone--to be truthful I¥ll place you in an environment where you MUST perform. You¥ll learn in a matter of seconds what others who have never been there, never done it,--you know the Comfort Zone gang-- will have to debate for years.
After this ONE Session no one will ever be able to lie to you again. You'll know the Hard Core Reality.

"There is no way to defend against these moves they are based on simple actions, yet are devastating beyond belief. All of my official training assumes I'll be armed and backed up, but that's not always the case. I Have already used it (pre BURST) in the field, I can't talk about it OFFICIALLY. It works."
- G. Brittan, Drug Enforcement Agency

And you are going to use what others have called The World's Best Self Defense Technologies you will see why the Pop UP has been called a myrical of the self defense world. You will learn why "our" Straight Blast is so powerful. You¥ll learn how to the geometrically increase your power through chaining.

You will learn why the only answers that truly work in HARD CORE REALITY will be the ones that I personally give you. And you¥ll not only know the what you¥ll know the WHY.

I've seen what he (Christophe) can do for real. And I was so impressed I learned...I've succesfuly used his techniques to beat several opponents.-- Mike Brown, Oklahoma

As you can tell this is going to be a very special seminar. A life changing event that will certainly give you a power you never felt before. Let me tell you that until I went into HARD CORE REALITY training I was never this confident, never this sure of myself and what I was doing.

Remember that everything that I will teach you has been Hard Core Reality Tested--and you will see for yourself that it works. You'll see inside of 5 seconds.
You really will be amazed at how much better you will be in such a short period of time. Once again, I GUARANTEE that you will leave this seminar a better fighter than when you walked in. You have to remember that I have been giving this gurantee for 14 years and NO ONE has ever disputed this claim. That's 20 years of teaching people in 7 countries, in 3 languages, from one on one training to seminars of 100 people at a time. I have literally trained thousands in person.

And get this--not a one of them, ever left my training without a substantial increase in his or her ability to defend himself or herself. There¥s a reason why NO ONE has ever accepted my teaching challenge--there simply is not a person stupid enough to think they can out teach me.

But you know the other great things beyond the obvious?

Well, you get so much more than the best real world self defense technologies. You get more than a quick injection of end it now knowledge and confidence. You¥ll get advantages and power in all areas of your life.
Look, I have had people tell me that just going through the drills and specialized drills has made them have lightning reflexes, cat like coordination on the Tennis Court and on the Basket Ball Court. I have had others tell me that the body control training has made them as elusive as a Panther on the Rugby Field.

I have even had more than a few men tell me that the confidence has rubbed off into their private lives. They have found the confidence to approach and talk to women that they were scared of before they trained with me. Now, I cannot guarantee to solve your dating problems--but, this training is powerful--it gives you so much more than just the best fight ending skills on the Planet.

And about some of the women that I have trained? Well, one a few years ago told me she had been diagnosed as having Hyper Tension (High Blood Pressure) brought on by stress and her life style. She said that every time she completed a training session (and some were just solo training with the drills) she not only felt better she measured her blood pressure and it had dropped. (Listen I am not advocating this training over medical advice--but I think that anything that you can do to control your blood pressure has to be a GOOD THING, don¥t you?)

And many of the men with families have told me that they have found the greatest benefit to be the insurance policy it gives them against the crime they might face anywhere, even in the worst case, scary beyond belief, Home Invasion crime. These men said it straight: You take out insurance hoping that you will hever have to use it, but you are smart enough to know that you cannot control every siuation or event in life. So you need to have something as a hedge against the dangers out there.

What VDA will teach you is this:

How to effect a dramatic, empowering and lasting identity—mind set shift on a deep level.

How to change your life to more personal power.


There’s no gain without some kind of commitment. That’s why I would like a commitment from you

I only want committed, enthusiastic people to be able to get their hands on VDA. If you’re already making excuses about the cost, then you’re not that serious. And I don’t deal with adults that half ass their way through everything. My reputation is on the line.
If you don’t fall into the category of good hearted men or women that like to survive, I understand.
It’s a lot easier to blame someone else for your personal safety. You can even blame your parents for not getting it for you.
Hell, you can even blame me for charging so much.
Whatever makes you feel better.
So you can keep making excuses about how it’s too expensive, how your parents are too cheap to help you out. Keep spending your money on video games, DVDs and fast food. That’ll help you protect your life..
Maybe you should wait one more year. I’m sure you’ll wake up one day soon and all of a sudden get it’.
You have the chance now to strike while the iron is hot. You know before it is too late.

Your life begins to change the moment you say “YES” and get this life-transforming information. And then, you´ll see why my fighting skills have been called the WORLD´S BEST SELF DEFENSE TECHOLOGY. It’s going to impress you – and it’s going to give you more Personal Power than you ever thought possible.

The NORMAL cost for this special Viking Destruction Art –featuring, the VIking Shell, The Siege Crash, and the Hammer of Thor

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(and I mean this is really letting you have them for such a HUGE discount in today´s economy where gasoline in the US is over $2.00 a gallon– and that is just one of the many costs that increased–
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Make this challenge to yourself: resolve to get this area handled with the next ten days.

That means get this material and try it out for yourself.

If, at the end of those ten days you think you need EVEN more power then sign up for personal training . This advaced personal training was developed over years and tested out by hundreds of people on 5 continents around the WORLD. That´s why my long time students know this to be better than anyone else´s¨ material.


Clugston Fluent Fighting Skills are all you need to handle yourself in a street encounter

“Clugston’s moves are more devastating than anything I ever learned in 10 years of intense military action–including the Falklands War and battling TERRORISTS in Northern Ireland–or in the years I’ve been training US SWAT teams: in high stress, high speed instinctive shooting. This guy is the real thing”
– Dave Smith, Tactical Firearms Instructor,(Bodyguard to people whose names can’t be mentioned) and former Corporal 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, Royal British Army

“This is razor-edge technology, training and fighting philosophy that takes real fighting to an unparalleled level. No guesswork here. This is easy stuff to learn. Buy and study these… and become safe on the street where fighting is terribly real.”
– Bruce Bonnell from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I served with the 7th Special Forces Group as a light weapons Sgt. in the mid to late 70’s and then was with Army Delta at it’s conception. I’ll just say that if you are really concerned about your safety and that of the people you love and don’t want to be a victim, then get this tape and put it to use. Take it from someone who knows the real things when He sees it. CLUGSTON WALKS THE WALK!!!
– Guy Falkinburg from Abilene, Texas United States